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Do you attend a support group? If there was one near you, would you go?

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I would highly recommend joining a support group - great to be with other parents who know what a struggle it can be and still manage to have fun!

Hoping one will come to Glasgow soon

Joygirl in reply to BernieBubble

Training day in Glasgow by FASD Trust in July. Email for details

Are there any in East Yorkshire?

Are there any in Dorset or Hampshire?

Joygirl in reply to Bugsie51


If only there was one locally in my hemisphere.


Yes. I couldn't make the first one but when next one is on I will x

We have been going to one for a year now, we all know that it can be a struggle with a child or children with FASD. Please join one or even contemplate on receiving training and starting one, as parents this is great to seek support or even just to sound off!

Contact the FASD trust for more details, we found they were and still are a god send!


Yes please very much so in stowmarket or needham market

MB_FASDModerator in reply to Gma61

Contact Dr Cassie Jackson through her website and she can put you in touch with the Ipswich based support group.

Gma61 in reply to MB_FASD

Thank you