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Homework-teachers reaction

Good afternoon, I am hoping for some advice regarding my current situation. My f...

Bristol support group xmas party

Hi there. Its the Bristol support group on December 14 th at 11am til 1 at Cotha...

Wigan Support Group

Saturday 30 November 2013 at 11am. Venue is Trinity United Reform Church on corn...

Parenting Workshop In Ipswich, Suffolk - Friday 8 November 2013

Parenting Workshop run by The FASD Trust in Ipswich. 10am to 1pm in Zoar Baptist...

Support Group in Leeds this Saturday - 9th November 2013

Teresa and Martin will be hosting this group at 11am until 1pm in Middleton Park...

Oxfordshire Support Group - 11am on 16 November 2013

Come along and join us on Saturday 16 November at 11am until 1pm in Elim Pentec...

Hi Does anyone have an adoption support plan ? What is in it , what should be in such a plan for a child with fasd ? Did anyone get any fin

financial help in the package ? Thanks

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