Facial/Bells Palsy

Hi I am new here.

I have just been diagnosed with Facial/Bells Palsy, it is only a mild form. I have been prescribed 50mg of Prednisolone and 20mg of Omeprazole, latter provided as the Prednisolone can upset your stomach supposedly, just wanted to know if this was about right.

I couldn't find a Questions and Answers section on this site so wondered if anyone could help with a few?

Is it best to stay off work for a bit to aid the recovery process?

Should I avoid sleeping on the affected side of my face?

Can you excercise the muscles or should I only do this under the direction on my GP?

Any Help Appreciated

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  • Hi

    Please have a look at my previous posting for steroid (prenisolone) and facial movement advice.

    Staying off work depends on your general health at the moment - many people feel fatigued, some feel fine.

    Sleeping on the affected side of your face is not a problem if you are taping your eye closed.

    See facialpalsy.org.uk/ for more help and advice.

    Facial Palsy UK

  • Only you or your doctor can determine whether or not it would be helpful to spend some time away from work, and it kind of depends on the nature of your job.

    It's OK for me to sleep on the BP side of my face. Nothing changes for me.

    I exercise the muscles, but it doesn't make much difference. Believe it or not, though, playing computer games helps my disturbed eye. Be sure to keep your affected eye moist. My ophthalmologist recommended Systane eye drops. I think they're globally available.

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