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bells palsy

my mum recently got diagnosed with this condition and im trying to find all the information i can.

Any advice out there from any one else suffering from this ?

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Has your mum been prescribed steroids? The main thing in the early stages is eye care. Here's links to some info:



Also here are some frequently asked questions which may help:


It is normal to take some weeks to recover so your mum shouldn't be alarmed by slow progress. If she has not made a good recovery by 8-12 weeks then she should seek referral to a specialist facial therapist.


hi i am 39 yrs guy, i had bell palsy on new year 2014, first i thought it was stroke, but then the doctor told bells palsy, half of my left face is numb and cant move, one of my friends told me to do accupuncture, so i tried it, and after the 6th times i could see the result, the first 72 hours is crusial, so i suggest if you are not afraid of needle, get the accupuncture, it helps me a lot. i live in london now. you could email me if you want to some info at jimmy_hm@hotmail.com


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