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26 years with Bells Palsy

Hi everyone!

My names Kayleigh and I'm 26 years old. I don't actually know at what age I got Bells Palsy but I was a baby, my mum never noticed it she just thought it was the way I was ( first baby new mum). The doctor noticed on a regular check up. I went to see specialists who all pretty much said there was nothing they could do. I've excepted that it's just me. It affects the left side of my face which is limp, people can see there is something wrong just by looking at me. I do not blink, my eye gradually closes on it own when I'm sleeping I can not shut it myself, it either waters constantly or is so dry that it hurts, my eye area swells, excess watering causes the outer corner of my eyelids to split, i get infections in it regularly,I have poor vision in that eye that impairs my good one, I get tension headaches regularly only on the left side, my lip droops especially when I smile or I'm tired, I have less feeling on that side too, I also have major anxiety, I'm extremely light sensitive and sound sensitive. I do not work as I'm a carer for my step son who is mentally disabled which is a full time job in its self. What I would like to know is if I am able to claim disability for this many people have told me I should be able to but honestly never thought of it. I'm also more than will to help people that have recently been hit with the face bug as I call it or anyone that needs any advise as I'm a long time face bug dealer lol :-)


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Hi Kayleigh, are you using eye drops regularly? When the eye waters constantly this can actually be a sign the eye is too dry, it over waters to compensate. The constant dryness can eventually lead to loss of sight so it's very important that you get this checked by an eye specialist at your hospital, there is a lot they can do to help with this. The disability issue is a tricky one. You are covered by the Disability Discrimination Act but this is more in terms of if you have special requirements at work. I don't think many people successfully claim disability for this condition although obviously it is difficult to live with. There is a lot of help available now for people with facial palsy but it can be difficult to access. If you need more guidance with this then please contact the charity on info@facialpalsy.org.uk and we can signpost you to places where you can find more help.


I live in a city with dry weather and wind. Using eye drops is almost mandatory here. I tried several and I found that the best for me are the ones with "carboxymethylcellulose sodium" but of course you should ask an ophthalmologist first. There are also eye drops with antibiotics that prevent infection.

At night I cover the eye that I cannot close with 3m hypoallergenic tape, there are videos on youtube showing how to do it correctly, just search “bell’s palsy tape eye”

Also bothers me loud sudden noises. Last year I did some research about this and I found that the facial nerve also has functions related to the ear that is why these noises bother some of us so much for example when someone yells near you. When I'm at home and I need silence to concentrate or to rest I use silicone Molded Ear Plugs.

Good luck, stay positive.


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