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Hi all!

Hi. I am Ian, a 41yr old male from Surrey and I thought I would share my experience so far! On Wednesday last week, I experienced a stinging pain in my right cheek which I put down to an insect bite. My right cheek felt swollen so I went to my local chemist to get advice, and she just told me to keep an eye on it and also my throat. By 5pm I had total paralysis of the LEFT side of my face and was taken to my local A&E by paramedics. I was diagnosed 6 hours later with Bells Palsy. I have a non closing left eye, a closed nostril an dropping lid and a slightly drooping left mouth. Now, I am a very positive person, and am trying very hard to look on the bright side of this, but it is affecting me already... I am a very outgoing person in a public job, and the fact that I have to struggle to force words out really saps my confidence which at 6'4" and 21 stone was in bountiful amounts previously!! Work, friends and family are all being great, but what I am really concerned about is my speech and any suggestions you may have to help. I am taking anti virals and steroids, along with Manuka honey to aid absorbtion and have just ordered high dosage B!2 capsules which seem to be doing the trick for others in the world.

I look forward to being an active member of this community... and if I can offer advice and support to any other member I will certainly try!

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Hi Ian, sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rubbish time at the moment. We have some frequently asked questions which may be of interest on our website here: facialpalsy.org.uk/advice/f...

It's early days as you were only diagnosed last week so try not to panic and get as much rest as possible. We have an advice guide about speaking which may also help: facialpalsy.org.uk/advice/g...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Hi Ian, I am a current 3rd year student at Bournemouth University. I am trying to make a short film about facial palsy and bell's palsy, creating more awareness to people through individuals personal stories of the condition. I find your story really powerful and interesting thought if you were interested in taking part in my film then I would be very grateful.

If you would like to email me back rosiekeene@hotmail.com

Many thanks,



Hi Ian, just found your post and really identify with it. I am 40 and was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome almost 2 weeks ago and and am currently on steriod and antiviral drugs. I had never heard of Bells Palsy or RHS before I was diagnosed so came as a complete shock, especially the on the morning I woke up with the symptoms. Fortunately I was diagnosed pretty quickly and went straight on the medication so hopefully this increases my chance of a full recovery.

I am in sales for a living so deal with customers day in day out and am by nature a confident person. I am still pretty upbeat and determined I will make a full recovery, getting as much rest as I can. There are times when I get concerned that I will not recover but I have been doing my research so know that my chances are as good as can be. I am interested in your suggestion about B2 and manuka honey so will be trying that for sure.

Stay strong mate and I'm sure we will both be back to full health soon.


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