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Can i do nhs Stretch & Flex in my own home?

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Has anyone else done the C25K and Stretch & Flex programmes at the same time? More importantly has anyone managed to adapt the F&S program so it can be done in the privacy of own home - Don't mind running along quiet roads but nobody wants to see my early squat and lunge moves in public - and nor do I want to share them 😄

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Hi Runnerone, Yes I believe the C25K and Stretch & Flex programme work really well together alternating your days between each programme.

EXi complements the C25K programme, allowing you to record your step count on each run/walk as well as mapping your routes too. EXi prescribes you with an exercise prescription, but gives you the freedom to choose your choice of activity. With each run completed will count towards your weekly goals.

As a NHS approved, EXi also offers a range of home workout videos that can be done from the comfort of your home. We offer similar exercise in our videos such as 'Strength and move' allowing you to work along with the video. Again each completed video counts towards your weekly exercise goals.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.