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My Story of Success

Hi. I am new here. I want to tell you how I became a mother of 2 girls. It started when I was 23, I married and we decided to make children. After 2 years of trying nothing happened. Then I was examined by different doctors and my gynecologist told me I have PCOS. In addition my AMH was very low that means I don't have chances to become pregnant on my own. I was recommended IVF but it would be resultless because of low Anti-mullerian hormone. That's why I needed to find donor's eggs. Then happened a car accident and I had injuries that caused inability to bear a baby. I was shocked but hopefully I found a solution, an international agency lotus helped us to become parents. We are so greateful! Don't give up you too.

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Hey, I'm so happy for you! Hope your story inspires all of us "struggling to be mothers" to deal with the situation bravely. I find success stories to be an amazing drug to lift up our confidence and pump up our determination. :) Thanks for sharing!


Hey, I'm so happy for you! No need to to worry for low Anti-mullerian hormone, Try to visit clinic in ukraine, They are very helpful in nature and they will provide complete details and process for IVF. Lots of improvements can help you to make a baby. Wish you best of luck.


hi there, how are you. It is really helpful. I must tell you that this is really nice what you did. Congratulations to you on your success dear. This shows us the lesson that always be brave. This could be helpful for you. Everything is going to be fine my dear at the end. You are absolutely right.


Hi, I agree with you inspire me a lot and give hope to think always positive.It was kind of stressful for me, trying to think about it every day, and then over-analyzing the results every day. I will probably try it again next month, just to see what happens.I'm almost 26, so I'm on the younger side. However, it's hard when people say ""oh you are so young, you have plenty of years ahead of you""... I had to wait through 3 years of graduate school before TTC, and now it has been another year... we are ready now!


Hi, ladies! Our stories differ but we have the same aim. I'm happy for you, mimiimmi, you're the worrior. Unfortunately, infertility occures to women of different age groups. We can do nothing about it. I'm sorry for that you face trouble conceiving being this young, juliacurio.. But I strongly believe that we have to find strength and move on. Me - quite ripe age. DX: luteal phase deffect. Only 10 % verdict of conceiving with oe was given. Ladies around considering adoption after years of struggling. Best friend with one ovary looking for the ways out. And so many other stories which influence much. We also had to apply for donor egg as own eggs were not going to work. You know, third person presence in the process is always another emotional rollercoaster. This is when you start blaming yourself, when you feel miserable complete wreck. Oh, God, ladies it is tough from time to time.

We passed 2 cycles ivf with de finally. The 1st one resulted in BFN. They made improvements to the treatment plan and our next shot was our success. We conceived 2 beautiful tweens.

Currently we're getting ready for another cycle with de as we want to have more kids. We applied for the same clinic as we're confident with them though time passed and there may be other issues (Hope they won't find any of course, but..) We, strong ladies here deserve happiness. Babydust to all x


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