About The Essential Parent Company and Professor Robert Winston

About The Essential Parent Company and Professor Robert Winston

The Essential Parent Company has joined forces with Professor Robert Winston to provide you with all the advice you need to help you on your journey to become pregnant.

Whilst Professor Winston was one of the founding fathers of IVF, he says he "feels like weeping when he sees people failing on 3 or 4 cycles of IVF, when a simple day procedure was all they needed to become pregnant'.

The advice and simple steps outlined in the 'How to get pregnant' course we have created are all designed to empower prospective parents know exactly which tests and procedures to insist on - before they even consider undertaking IVF.

A simple day procedure may be all you need to allow you to become pregnant naturally - but you need to know what to ask for. IVF clinics are there to provide IVF - they will not necessarily guide you through all the correct questions and trials you should be undertaking before IVF is considered. Sadly it is in their financial interests to guide people into IVF. It's not necessarily in your own interests however.

Our course gives you back the control. Ask the right questions - do the right tests - and then make your own informed decision. The Essential Parent Company and Professor Winston wish you all the very best of luck on your journey.

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  • Please can you post a link to this course I am keen to investigate. Prof is a fantastic guy - having met him twice (first time I met him at science fair I asked for his advice on completing my PhD, second time was at 10 Downing Street where we had a discussion about M&S's mens underwear of all things!) I would love to hear his dulcet tones advise me on this subject that is now so important to me.


  • Dear Dolly8 thanks for your lovely message. We are about to put the course live this month and I will send you a direct link and we will also be putting it up on our community. It's a really wonderful course that has already helped people and we and Professor Winston are passionate about empowering people with any fertility difficulties to get the tests, diagnoses and treatments they need. We've spoken to so many people who feel that either feel that their problem wasn't taken seriously and others who ended up doing expensive and emotional rounds of IVF without a diagnosis of their cause of their fertility problems.

  • Thanks - couldn't agree more - there is not enough advice out there. Also, just to add, I am not a medical scientist but do have a science background and would love to see more of the actual science of it explained!

    Looking forward to the course!

    Dolly8 x

  • Hi Dolly - here's a sneak preview of the course which you can get access to from this page:


  • Great - you will love the course as his ebook and the videos really explain the science in an accessible but thorough way. :)

  • Could you share a link to the 'how to get pregnant course'? Thanks

  • Just read that Dolly8 asked the same thing. No need to reply.

  • Hello Erland - I certainly will, we are just redesigning the website and then I will be very excited to show you. I will try and upload a video from Professor Winston talking about how to empower yourself to get the diagnosis and treatment you need, whether from the NHS or a Fertility Clinic. Thanks so much for your interest, we really think this course will help lots of people.

  • Hi Erland

    Here is our current sales page which might slightly change over the coming weeks but this link will give you access to the course today:


  • Hi is there any more news about the course and video or am I looking in the wrong place? I'm on a mobile so might just be hard to spot. I'd listen to anything Prof Winston says - he comes across as a lovely man.

  • Hi Dancingsocks99 thanks for your interest and sorry for the delay but we are literally putting things live this week. Here's a link to our sales page but we will be putting up a proper link on our community page soon (the price might change slightly as this one shows the price without VAT which has to be added). I hope you find the resource helpful!