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I am 38+ and I am scheduled for IVF next month. For some reasons I have had to put off having a child till I was 35. We now regret to have putting off the pregnancy and think that should have thought of it earlier. However, after trying and putting in a lot of effort, 6 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVF cycles with my ovaries and meeting so many infertility professionals, we even ended up using donor eggs but no results, I don’t know what the problem is. I was feeling really positive and excited in my first attempt and now I am depressed and also read elsewhere that chances of success after the age of 36 drops dramatically and now I just feel so scared that it is too late. I have been unable to conceive till now. Have any of you had a successful IVF at 38 or older? I feel I need some reassurance from some ladies that have had positive outcomes at this age or older. Please share your experiences so that I can at least know where I stand. Thanks in advance.

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  • 6.Great news and don’t worry. I have seen woman far older than you conceiving through IVF. You must have gone through numerous tests already but here is a suggestion. Look into PGS NGS. It improves the chances of successful IVF pregnancy in couples where prior IVF failures have remained unexplained. The chances of a woman conceiving increases manifold, especially if she is 35 and older. PGS is Preimplantation genetic screening which determines the chromosomal status of an embryo by screening all 23 chromosome pairs prior to transfer in an IVF cycle. It is appropriate for couples pursuing IVF due to a history of infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss because a major cause of IVF failure is embryos with an abnormal number of chromosomes. PGS is very useful as it allows the specialist to selectively transfers the embryo, the one with normal no. of chromosomes, diminishes several reproductive challenges associated with the maternal age, leads to greater implantation rates and improved IVF outcomes, enables single embryo transfer with higher chances of success, thus reducing multiple births and the complications that can result from it. Talk to your specialist about this and best of luck to you.

  • I have a couple of friends who have been surrogate mothers and both of them have had the same experience as you. The IPs had promised to “keep in touch” but had “simply disappeared” (as you say) after the baby had been delivered. There can be many reasons for this. As the person above said that it’s their baby and their family, and it is up to IPs to keep in touch or not after the birth of the baby. I think that IPs say so because they feel that’s what surrogate mothers want to hear. Or maybe the relationship soured at some stage and they were waiting for the baby to arrive before cutting off all ties. Also IP have several concerns before, during and after they have a baby through surrogacy. Some, but not all, have a great relationship with their surrogate and worry how she is going to react once the baby is born. Not all relationships between the IPs and surrogate will be amazing, sometimes there is never that connection, other times, it might be extraordinary when you are pregnant, but once you’ve given birth, not so much. In my opinion, you never really know how it’s going to go. You write it on your profile and discuss it during the match meeting in the hope that everyone is being honest.

  • Do not worry on this score. Like 1 I too have seen women over 35 in fact over 40 conceiving through IVF. It is a tough journey but you need to be determined and I am sorry for you losses. But please never give up hopes. It is a biological fact that female fertility declines with age, however the technology has advanced and the chances for conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby for women your age or more has increased manyfold. I will share with you a successful journey of my friend, she started her IVF at 38. It took 9 fresh cycles to help conceive with her daughter at age 40. She also had a low ovarian reserve though, and grade 4 endometriosis, which probably made things more difficult. She then subsequently went on to have a son at age 42, however he was from a frozen embryo created from 39yo eggs. So that’s it, you needn’t worry there are chances that you will get the good news as well. Also, as long as our hormonal tests are great and your ovarian reserve is still good and strong your chances are pretty good. Good luck to you, everything will be just fine.

  • I have turned 41 and have had a very successful IVF procedure. Doctors elsewhere had initially put my chances at 40% and I had thought that was great considering my age. But embryologists work with fresh genetic material instead of frozen eggs and that increases the possibility of conceiving. Here I will share with you my success story, we transferred two fresh five day embryos and one took....so far so good! We did not do PGS testing. I had 11 eggs retrieved, eight were mature and only four fertilized. We transferred two and had two frozen for later use in case.... I don't know the name of my protocol, but I was on BCP for five or six weeks and then started Lupron shots. Then stimming was Lupron, Gonal F and Menopur. All throughout my IVF I kept reminding myself that it was quality not quantity that was important. Very positive experience. Wishing you the best of luck

  • Hello 3. Even an assurance of 40% chance of conceiving at 41 is really great. You must be very optimistic now after procedure. I am 37+ and about 3 months ago had an AFC of 15 which is good. Do not know my FSH or AMH yet. Also, I have one of my friends who is over 40 and got pregnant with IVF, she had been trying for several years, but doing ART for the past 2 years. She did several IUIs and got pregnant on the second fresh IVF cycle she is 43. She used DHEA for most of her cycles and I do believe it helped her. I know many FS don't feel that it's worth taking, but it can't hurt and I think it did help.

    As she told me, she took blackmores pregnancy multi, CoQ10, DHEA, berrocca, and folic acid. Probably others but I've forgotten.

    It was a numbers game for her, really. You just have to reassess after each cycle and decide which was worse - stopping trying and accepting no children or going through another cycle. I guess she was lucky to have some "success" in that she had a chemical on her first cycle and miscarriages on 3rd and 8th. This just reassured that she could get pregnant, just had to get the right embryo. And I do wonder whether the accumulation of drugs played a part as well. However, all the best to you

  • I haven't done IVF so I cannot say for sure... Yet I can tell you about cases that I have seen. I know a lady who had her IVF while she was 39! Even more amazing she had her 40th birthday during her pregnancy. Surprisingly enough the whole thing went just fine and it was amazing to see. Her happiness could be heard from kilometers away. She is a neighbor of mine, she is now 52! So I think you shouldn't worry to much. Maybe realistically speaking you have lower chances. That doesn't neccesarely mean no chances at all. So please try to remain positive and keep working hard. I would highly recommend that you do acupuncture! You will thank me for this if you didn't knew already! Not only does it help improve your chances for IVF success but it also helps you out with your everyday life. I have done it a few times it is really relaxing and it makes you feel pretty good.

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