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I want to cry happy tears

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I can’t believe I have only just found this community….. I have been struggling with my daughter now 10 for years and have felt so alone as I know no one on the same page.

It’s been a real and long struggle I just want to burst into tears that I have found this to finally talk to people that’s going through the same..

hopefully I might get some tips and ideas to to help with my daughters constipation.


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Also try Movicol Mummies Facebook group - I’ve found that so helpful too!

Oooo ok thanks

Hi there never feel alone were all here to talk and give advice .please feel free to.inbox me I'm 45 years old from Somerset.

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Thankyou so much but I would t know how to inbox you 🙈🤣

I've been so down cause I've felt so alone, and then with school starting to get on my back cause they can't cope with the blow outs.. my son is 8 and we've dealt with this 6 years and I don't get it because he eats all his veggies and fruits but he's on lactose and senakot, we have a follow up appointment with the pediatrician in December but I've rung gp cause I want a second opinion because he's had no scans or x-rays surely the prescription for medications cost more in the long run!

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We’ve had no scans or X-rays either but we are under a bladder and bowel specialist … are you not ?

I have felt the same as you until I found this site xx

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