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General questions - feel like going in circles

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My son is 11 and awaiting urology urodynamic testing- keeps getting cancelled 🙄. Still has no bowel sensation really - so is still sitting on toilet etc movicol.

The majority of his accidents are at home. He restricts food and drink.

So my questions are

Secondary have no plan apart from medical card to use toilet and ring me if has an accident.

Bowel - where do I go from here - do I chase this been like it since toilet training. Do I nag the GP to investigate more or wait until urology done ?

My son also has low muscle tone and right side slightly weaker. Also has been under Camhs for emotional issues.

I seem to plod on but don’t seem to be going anywhere!!

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Is he soiling as well? Has he done a disimpation? I would push for more support with sorting out his bowel if he’s soiling as well

So sorry to hear this. I feel the same but on the bladder side of things. We have had lots of testing and my son saw the psychologist for 12 months at alder hey and we still have no real answers to why his bladder is leaking as he wasn’t born this way and only started at 8 years. My son had last urodynamics over 3 years ago and he is now 15, so hospital have agreed to repeat this in feb. If this shows nothing, then I feel we are stuck.

Can medical help with toning the weak muscle? If there’s nothing thy can do in the physical side, I would look at CAMHS as there’s nothing to lose and you feel as a parent that you have tried everything. The mind is a complicated thing and they may just unlock something... worth a try x

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