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Can anyone advise me here? my 9yr old grandson has incontinence problems at night and urgency problems during the day. There have also been issues with his pooing, although they seem slightly resolved. Our GP is hopeless (referred to a bedwetting clinic that closed 2 years ago and now seems at a loss) and I have said I will pay for a private investigation. I have contacted BMI and do not know if it would be best to see a urologist who sees children or a paediatrician. They don't seem to have a paediatric urologist around here and maybe with the poo issues that isn't what I want anyway. Which should we go for? Any advice would be very welcome. many thanks.

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  • We found a general paediatric specialist a good option as bowel and bladder issues are very common in children, so ours had seen many before.

  • Have a look for a paediatrician with a special interest in urology or gastroenterology.

  • Do you live near London? We have seen two fantastic consultants. Professor mushtug at Great Ormond Street- he is a paediatric urologist. He referred us onto Dr Anne Wright at the Portland. She is a paediatrician who specialises in urology.

    When I first looked I could only find either paediatricians or urologists locally. I think you need to travel to the specialist children’s hospitals to get the mixed specialties.

    We have found both drs amazing.

    I hope this helps.

  • I'd second Sophdon's recommendation of Dr Wright if you are near London. I'm assuming it's the same one but we're under her care at the Evelina Children's Hospital which is attached to St Thomas's in London. We were referred through NHS to their specialist Bowel and Bladder Clinic but I think others have said that they do also take private patients. Worth a look - she certainly knows her stuff! Good luck to you all, so much of the battle is getting someone that you have confidence in.

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