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Declined Sassa application

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I have applied for social grant for my daughter with all the proof from the hospital for epilepsy but it was declined who qualifies for it.

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People with epilepsy often struggle to secure disability grants due to the misconception that epilepsy is not a disability. Please email indicating where you live so that we can assist.


On what basis did they decline it...did they give reasons?Epilepcy is classified as a mental health condition

Did your doctor give a motivational letter and did the gov dr examine your daughter

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Yes the Sassa doctor examined her and no reasons were provided for the decline.

I provided the doctors report together with the therapist report at the time of the application and proof that she is under epilim treatment

When living in South Africa sometime ago, I really battled to get a Disability Grant with SASSA. I have had epilepsy for 46 years, had all the medical proof from my Doctor, took my medication with me and when seeing the Assessment Doctor for SASSA, was told to have a seizure in front of him! I went back to SASSA and reported this issue. I then obtained a Disability Grant but this still took over 7/8 months to come through.