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First seizure


Hi my mother is 60 and one week ago had 3 seizures she didn't fully come out of one before going into another, this has all been confirmed by hospital. One week later she had another one. She had a ct scan done, blood tests done, urine sample tested, x ray done and all came back clear. She was diagnosed with spondyliosis in her neck, and arthritis. There are no seizure related illness in the family. She is being referred to the first fit clinic, but does anyone know what may have caused this?? Thank you. One scared daughter

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So sorry to hear about your poor Mum. She is lucky she has you to look out for her. It is very scary when your loved one has seizures. I obviously can’t give any medical advice, just insight as a mum who has a daughter with Epilepsy. Unfortunately, anybody can suffer a seizure if their body is put under enough stress. However, you are correct to be concerned that she has had a few in such a short space of time. You need to find the cause of them. Thinking of the many, many tests my daughter had to determine her diagnosis. She had various heart ECG’s including a 24 hr holter. They were trying to determine if the cause was coming from the brain ( misfiring) or the heart. I would also enquire if it could be an infection. The positive is she is being seen in a fit clinic with experienced medical staff. I would suggest you make clear notes of what mum experienced... any ill health in the run up to first one, what she was doing, any strange smells or tastes prior, sleeping habits. If someone witnessed the seizures then clear notes of what she did, body movements, sounds, what she said, actions, any vomiting / wetting herself, how long in the fit, etc. Every small detail means something to them ( even things like was she peddling her feet, frothing at mouth). I was lucky to film part of my daughter’s seizure to show the neurologist. Keep a daily diary as you may spot a pattern / foods / headaches / sleep / temperature even weather / any stress / periods / palour of skin / dizziness, etc. Take a list of questions to use the time wisely. Has she had a brain MRI? How is her blood pressure? Should she have a 24 hr pressure reading? As mum has an autoimmune disease this needs to be considered in relation to her seizures. Does she take any medication that could have caused the seizures? Try calling Epilepsy Society as they may have advice on questions to ask in her first appointment? Best of luck and let me know how mum gets on.

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