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Lamictal for focal seizures


Hi all!

So....I’m newly diagnosed with focal onset epilepsy and have been placed on lamictal/Lamotrogine. I’ve been increasing over several weeks, currently on 75mg and will be increasing to 100mg shortly, which is my recommended therapeutic dose.

I was wondering if this is an effective dose as it seems very low to me?

I have simple partial seizures, mainly an odd feeling, stomach rising, some times random smells, tingling, feeling cold but flushed etc.

Anyway, does anyone have any input on lamictal? I’d be interested to know what other people’s doses are and your experiences with it?

I just find myself always worrying that they will generalise as the dosage is low (they haven’t so far, been having them for over a year and on meds for about 2 months)

Thanks 😊

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I take the same kind of medicine I been on it for awhile now.. I have different types of seizures they say and so far I think this has been the best for me pretty much

I was on Lamictal for about a week. The side effects were so bad. My husband took me back to the doctors' and we found another medicine to try. Out of all the AED's I have been on, the ones that have worked the best for me w/o a lot of side effects is Keppra and Vimpat...another one that I had been on before is Trileptol, I liked that one too.

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