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Can you stop a seizure with pure will power?


Hi I was wondering you can stop a seizure Aura with pure will power or simply talking yourself out of it? I have been experiencing a lot of Deja Vu over the last year after a huge anxiety experience. I can start feeling the Deja Vu coming on and i can talk myself out of it. It’s very weird. I heard that Deja Vu can be a precursor to a panic attack if I can calm myself down as soon as I feel it I do not get the panic attack. So, can I talk myself out of a seizure if this is a seizure?

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It all depends. In my experience with having seizures there are times I feel them coming on and others I don’t. Either way they are uncontrollable. Grad maul seizures are the worst. They are full blown seizures that you loose all function with the arms afterwards. Plus the energy that you had before the seizure is gone and you are left with a horrible headache. Kinda like a migraine. But it’s be never been able to keep a seizure from happening once it starts you just need to lay down and have someone with you to help you through it if it gets bad. Hope this helps.

I have auras before my seizures. I experience mainly petit mal seizures. I had surgery and got VNS therapy. It's a device that is in my chest (leftside). The wires connect to my vagus nerve and when I feel an aura I swipe my chest with a magnet it comes with. This allows my nerves to communicate like they already should be. Most often than not they go away. It took about 2 yrs for it to function as well as it does now. It does turn on by itself every five minutes, for 30 seconds. When I use the magnet it's stronger than when it turns on by itself.

Cons: it makes your voice raspy when on, it's recommended to scan yourself every morning (when I do, it leaves my voice very raspy, since I already have a raspy voice) if I'm nervous or emotional it makes my voice shaky. I will have to get a new battery roughly 8 yrs. after it was implanted. I still get all the side effects of a seizure even if the seizure is stopped. If I want to shut it off for a speech, singing etc. I have to tape the magnet on my chest but it can easily move out of place which makes my voice tremble. I hated it at first but my doctors were also not completely honest with me. Doing cardio is hard to do because I have to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth, when I don't do it right and the device turns on it feels like I'm not breathing. To others I sound like I'm having an asthma attack but it's something I have learned to do better although there are times I mess up.

Pros: It allows me to live somewhat of a "normal" life. It works most times. It was a fast surgery, no overnight stay. The device is not visible and there's only one small incision at the bottom of my neck above my collar bone. It works about 8/10 times. Good luck and hopefully this was helpful.

Hi, I was shown a technique, which works for me, if I have some sort of warning. Vigorously rub your hands together, as if washing them, but only for a maximum of 3 seconds (or the body and brain gets used to it). It was explained that it might send a lot of stimulus to the brain quickly and pull the focus away from the beginning of a seizure. It works very well for me 😊

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