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Can anyone relate to the Parallel universe feeling????

Hi I've been epileptic for 22yrs now. I have grand mal seizures and peti mal. My seizures are not controlled and getting worse so my neurologist has sent me to see a epilologist who I'm finally seeing on Monday .

I've always wanted to know something and it may seem strange to you as it makes me feel mad...... Just before some of my seizures I get a kind of aura that can only be described as feeling like I'm in a Parallel universe......

I know it sounds strange but can anyone relate to this???????? 😒😒😒😒

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Well we all have different types of auras. As long as you know what yours is so that you can sit or get to safety so you can be safe


My aura is petit mal seizures.

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I definitely understand weird auras. I have what I can only describe as "out of body" aurus. I just feel like I've gone somewhere else and am usually extremely euphoric. I don't know if that makes sense or is relatable to what you experience?

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