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You have the ability to recover

Hi Everyone, this is the first time I have spoken about my epilepsy and I hope this will give you all the hope to recover from your epilepsy without having to rely on pills. The first time I had a seizure was when I was 17 and my Doctor decided to give me pills to treat my epilepsy but I seem to notice that the pills where causing me bad side effects and since i was at college it was causing me to not to do my best. I was then scheduled for an EEG scan and thus they found that I had Abnormal electrical impulses and so my Doctor decided to give me another box of Epilim pills which would mean double the side effects and my Doctor told me that if I had another seizure he would put me on lamotrigine. The pills then started to cause me to be sick most of the time which meant i had to be off College and I was really behind my work and on appointments with my Doctor I stressed a lot about how the pills where affecting my college work and how they would affect me looking for a job but all he did was just give me advice on how to cope with it but it did not help one bit and I started to get very stressed, and due to the stress I had I had a seizure one morning and it was very bad. After this I had to address this to my Doctor and thus he put me on Lamotrigine but when I Finished College at the time I noticed that I had failed my course and I was so upset and depressed by this, But then I had a look at the side affects of the pills and noticed that some of the side affects was life threatening, and so I decided to take control of my own pills and I did not take the lamotrigine at all and I started to gradually come down on the other epilim pills because I did not think they where working at all and after doing this I started to get a lot better and I decided to do more exercise and do things that I loved doing and that made me happy and I have never had a seizure since.

I hope this gave everyone who have suffered with this a better outlook on how to recover from your epilepsy instead of just taking pills, I am not saying that pills are a really bad thing. But reducing them worked a Wonder for me the best and that It may work for you.

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Hi ya WheelBarrow this maybe in your case O.K,but in my case I have tried this using countless subs for the tablets,Ive had seizures now for over 9 years and been through most combinations of meds without any changes.

I have Audiogenic TLE and have listed the certain sounds in a diary that seem to bring on seizures and tried to avoid them this at first seemed to have an effect alas after a few months things changed and back to square one.

I would add dropping the meds till finaly unreliant on them 2 days after stopping altogether resulted in a weeks stay in hospital so it's something I wouldn't prompt others to do in your case it worked from my side it's not something I would even think about again.

I hope things stay the same for you here's to seizure free.Jim.

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Sadly I think many have to take the aeds to live a normal life. The more controlled you are the better all round. The side affects are awful but seizures are worse. I'm not sure of the stats but a lot of people won't "recover" from epilepsy. I have been controlled since the 1980's but I still have epilepsy. The aeds which I still take did control this from a large number of fits per week. I would strongly advise anyone on aeds not to take this advice.

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I think this is a really dangerous post, recommending people reduce meds is a risky idea. I have been epileptic since birth as I was not breathing when i came into this world. in my teens i was having 40 a day if i had reduced my meds I probably would have died. I can now miss a day but if i missed my meds I would be a mess. Just because one thing works for one person doesn't mean it would work for all. I am really pleased you have found such a positive outcome but it doesn't happen like that for everyone

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