Message to all

Message to all

Hi my name is Julie I have not been on for a long time but first I wanted to say a big thankyou to every one who gave me great advice I can now tell you that I live with a brain injury epilepsy frontel lobe and I also discovered I have a toncillar ectopia I have have only just been put on medication after 3 years of nothing I am so relieved but been threw a lot I have discovered that I have had a brain injury for 18 years which all made sense now by looking back at my records I have been able to prove alot.but to think how many seizures I have had in 3 years hospital visits now I am sitting at home on my 2 night of my medication . So a very big thank you this is something I have been waiting for in a long time.

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  • hi Julie first of all congratulations on your marriage in 2012, i'm Alan, i don't think we have met before, my i say you look stunning in your wedding dress. i don't suffer from Epilepsy but i know many that do, but i suffered a brain injury some 48 years age and i'm now suffering the aftermath you could say, i've got Aspergers syndrome and now dementia, plus many other illness, i hope all what you have been through you can put to one side, and start to live a life that is good as it well be take care nice to meet you.........Alan

  • Hi thank you so much for your kind thoughts just to let you know I got sick a month after this I am no longer the same person I don't remember my wedding day of any thing else .

  • hi Julie i'm so sorry to hear that, that must be shocking for someone so young in age, and i hope my comments didn't upset you, because i think its the first time i' have spoken to you, please take care its hard to remember things when your older never mind when your young please take care, hope to speak to you again..........Alan

  • No of course not I don't remember any thing at all please its ok I would like to talk more if you like at any time take care all the best Julie xx

  • hi Julie many thanks for that, i know how you feel my memory is terrible and trying to remember someone or something its a nightmare and forgetting thoughts from my past is a full stop, so take care please keep in touch, i'm Alan speak to you soon xx