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Anxiety Attacks in Epilepsy

I have been suffering from Epilepsy for over 11 years and hospital have not managed to find a way to control my seizures but now days I still have seizures like 1 every 3-4 months. Now days I have more Anxiety attacks and it effects my everyday life as I can't be stressed. If I be a little stressed my throat starts to feel like its closing then I start sweating from my palms then my Anxiety Attack starts. I spoke to my Gp about it and he referred me to a Counsellor 3 months ago but ain't got a reply yet. I just don't know how to control my Anxiety attacks. It effects my everyday life badly because I can't multi task and I can't cook without getting stressed.

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Anxiety is dreadful on its own and may get worse if you're unable to cope with them.

Could make your epilepsy worse too.

Have you looked anything up online about anxiety and how to cope? MIND are great and offer fab info.

I'm unsure if you'd do this but but I did when I had deep anxiety but listening to meditation from YouTube was brilliant.

I hope you can get something or someone to help you soon xx


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