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What am I?

I would love to know if my condition has a specific name. I get short periods of time where I can see what's going on, can move things and think, but I can't understand what's said to me or communicate. I have managed to hide it from people in the past by nodding,smiling and taking a sip of water, but no understanding of what's said to me. It's like I hear each word, but lose any memory of each word when another one is said. Anyone had anything similar or know what it's called?

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It sounds to me to be a sort of partial seizure (more accurately focal seizure). As you are aware of what's going on at the time I'm guessing simple focal seizure.

As with all these things the only real answer is to speak to a medical professional, if you have already been diagnosed with epilepsy then your neurologist or epilepsy nurse would be the best bet (an e-mail to their secretary may give the info you need) if you as yet haven't had a diagnoses then a trip to your GP would be best so that if needed a referral to a neurologist can be made.

All epilepsy is different for each person and each type of seizure with probably come under a generic term but there may be differences between each patient in how it affects them personally.

Sorry I haven't given you a 'label' but thought it may help to know how complex the term 'epilepsy' is.

As I say the best person to tell you would be a medical professional.

I have complex partial (focal) epilepsy with absence which means I can be doing things much as you are but not be aware or know what I am doing, maybe putting things in wrong place or completing tasks without knowing I've done them i.e. going to make a cup of tea and finding a cold cup of tea on the counter that I'd made earlier or trying to drink a cup of tea that's already empty. Silly things that a lot of people say 'oh I've done that' which is true to an extent but this is much deeper and frequent.

Hope this ramble is of some help.

Kind regards



Thank you sporan, much appreciated. My Neurologist has said it's epilepsy and I thought that was it. Then I started looking and, as you said, there's many variations to the condition.


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