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Basic questions from new patient

Hi all

I am a 66 year old male who was diagnosed with epilepsy this year after two seizures. I am now on Lamotrigine (25mg) but have some basic questions and would welcome advice or direction to sources of advice.

1.How will I know if I had a seizure at night whilst asleep in bed alone?

2.What triggers a seizure? Tiredness, stress, anxiety diet/alcohol ?

Thanks for your help

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Usually if you have a seizure at night the next day you may be unusually tired and sore and your tongue and or cheek/s may be bitten.

As far as triggers are concerned not all people have them, and for those that do, triggers often differ from person to person.

?Missed medicine, NEVER suddenly stop taking your medication, you may trigger a severe and prolonged seizure (Status Epilepticus) this is a life threatening emergency and will require immediate medical intervention.

?Lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns




?Computer use

?Drug abuse

?Low blood sugar

?Some over-the-counter and prescription medicines

?Flashing lights, including natural sunlight filtered through trees or other objects, artificial lights (especially flickering malfunctioning fluorescent lighting), video games.

?Infections and illness

?Changes in temperatures

?Changes in altitude

?Some more unusual stimuli known to trigger seizures include the color yellow, the smell of glue and sounds such as the telephone ringing or a siren, etc, etc ......

Some Epilepsy forums:






Hope your seizures are controlled or have at least been greatly decreased since starting your meds. Best of luck and hope to see you at Epilepsy Society.



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