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Keppra slow release, possible?


I only started taking Keppra on 22nd September 2018, but I were just wondering if anyone knows if you can get 'Slow Release' keppra, like you can get slow release Tegretol, ie, Tegretol Retard. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, no not that I’m aware of!

I’ve been on Kepora for 6 months, allowing for the drug to get settled which I personally didn’t find easy (& still don’t) from the side effects it has worked in conjunction with my other meds Zonisamide & Clobazam. But do speak to your doctor if you don’t feel right, I did. Good luck. X SJ

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Hi thanks for your reply. What side effects have you had from Keppra, if you don't mind me asking?

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Fatigue, weak, detached & low!! Plus a bit of a paranoia!! Doing exercise helps & yoga also keeping busy. Hopefully have got through the worst of it but still have my moments!! It’s the not sleeping well which makes it worse. But have had no seizures on plus side. X SJ

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