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Advice needed on helping an epilepsy sufferer

Hi there. Can I ask what the official line is on placing a soft object in the mouth of epilepsy sufferers to protect them against biting their tongue? There seems to be conflciting advice on this subject. Have just read Morton Bain's Fraternal Affairs which is about an epilepsy sufferer, and I'm more confused now than ever...

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Do NOT put anything in the mouth of anyone whilst going through a seizure! This is not the procedure to follow during a seizure. First aid advice...

1. Stay with the patient during the course of the seizure.

2. Put a pillow or something soft under their head.

2. Turn the patient on their side in a recovery position, so as to not bite or swallow their tongue.

3. Remain calm and stay with the patient till they recover/come out of the seizure, or call an ambulance if the seizure is longer than 5/10 minutes.

Morton Bain obviously has no idea of what to do during a seizure. Where on earth did he get this advice from!

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Nothing dont put anything in just make sure they are safe its as easy as that


There is an excellent ap available produced by the Epilepsy Society which explains in detail how to respond when somebody has a seizure


Thanks that's great to know :)


You won't get better advice than what you see above. If you have any concerns find out who your nearest epilepsy nurse is and have a discussion with him/her.

You should be able to get this information from your GP or by calling your local hospital.

In general, although the advice here is excellent, always go to a medical practiser to get the advice you are going to use. We can point you in the right direction, but unless you are talking to an experienced expert you have to treat the information you find on the internet as just advice/ideas.

Just remember to use common sense :)


DO NOT put anything in their mouth. Just turn them on their side so they don't choke, and wait until the fit subsides. Many years ago when I was first diagnosed, my father put his finger in my mouth. Needless to say, it never happened again!!!!!!!!!


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