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Sertraline and epilepsy

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My doctor has prescribed me sertraline as I suffer with severe health anxiety/OCD. I also take Lamotrigine for epilepsy (although mild and controlled). Does anyone else take both meds? There can be an interaction and my neurologist was far more for the CBT route initially but he doesn’t realise how bad my anxiety gets. Not sure what to do as last thing I want to do is potentially, although unlikely, is disrupt my epilepsy meds....?

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My 30 year old daughter was in the same situation and the sertraline did not interfere in any way with her epilepsy meds. In fact, the sertraline has totally helped her with her anxiety and depression and being less anxious also means less likely for a breakthrough seizure. Good look with everything.

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Thank you, can I ask how controlled her epilepsy was before starting the antidepressants?

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She has had no seizures for 3 years. She also went for counselling, as well as taking the sertraline and I think that helped as well. Be patient, if you decide to take the sertraline, as it takes a little while to kick in and you may need to have it increased as they usual start with a very low dose. Have to say it has worked very well for her.

I am sorry to hear this. Big Hug for you🤗 I am also on both meds among some others. I was weary at first but to be honest, I have not had any side effects as yet🤞

They only advised me to avoid grapefruit as it can prevent the medication from working🤷‍♀️

Each one of us are unique soo I can only tell you my experience and what I was advised 🤞🙏

All the best and hope things work out for you and improve for the better🤞🙏🙌

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