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Medication changes

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I was wondering if anyone knows if a GP can change or add a medication or if it’s only the Neurologist. My Partner and I have a GP telephone appointment booked for next week after quite a sudden change in his symptoms.

We both really feel he needs another medication added but I don’t want him to think the GP might if it’s not something they can do.

Any reply’s are greatly appreciated.

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Hi we have been to our GP this week to ask for a medication change and to reduce the current Keppra as my husband is really struggling with severe side effects. The GP advised against a temporary reduction and told us he would need to liaise with the neurologist re medication changes as he wasn’t an expert so we are now waiting to hear back from the GP once he’s heard from neurologist. Hope helpful.

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Frost77 in reply to Callapso

Thank you for your reply and telling me your experiences with your GP.

Our issue is the opposite way around. We feel an extra medication is needed as he’s on a high dose of Tegratol but now having more seizures again.

I’ve seen lots of people talking about epilepsy nurses, and community care for epilepsy but we’ve never heard of anything like that. We do live in rural area in Kent, maybe that plays a role in what’s available in the community.

I would highly recommend that ONLY the neurologist alter your epilepsy medication, certainly my present GP is in full agreement on this matter! Having had JME for fifty years, and had many neurologists and GP's over the years that is practically an unwritten agreement! I know in present times this might be an exception, but as most GP's field does not cover epilepsy, maybe you could get hold of a neurologist by phone? I am in contact with an epilepsy nurse who can pass on any symptoms to my regular neurologist/ epilepsy Doctor. This is in Northern Ireland their present system is no doubt different to your particular area? Hopefully that is of some use?

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Hi Frost77

It all depends on your GP. Some GP's may alter the dosage slightly. But most don't have the knowledge on epilepsy treatment. If needed your GP could email your partner's neurologist for guidance.

If your partner is seeing their neurologist at the Princes Royal University Hospital or

Whitstable & Tankerton Hospital we believe there are epilepsy nurses based there. Phone the hospital main switchboard and ask to be put through to the epilepsy nurse.



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