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I have just heard from the neurologist, they are switching the topirimate for lacosamide.

Two questions- when is the best time of the day to start taking the lacosamide?

What’s it like to take? Ie what are the most common side effects?


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Hi Jettie

Here’s the lacosamide information including possible side-effects:

Possible side-effects differ massively between individuals.

The pharmacist may well be the best person to advise about when you should take it. And that advice will be related to any other medicine you take. I do hope it works for you.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team


Hi Cherry,

I am new on Lacosamide and currently changing dosages every 2 weeks. My Doctor/Pharmacist have requested I take the medication twice a day, i.e. a.m. and p.m. Feel free to contact me on email, as I am closing my account.



Hi Les

Just to let you know I have taken your email address off your post. I've do this for safety reasons as your posts can be viewed by anyone in the community.

Any questions about this action please contact me on here or email our helpline,



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

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