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Dissertation Data Collection - Quality of life, Stigma and Epilepsy

Hi! I am carrying out some research for my dissertation project and I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have epilepsy myself and have always been interested in quality of life and how people with epilepsy are affected by stigma, so I decided to focus my dissertation for my psychology degree on this subject. I am looking for people who are from the UK/living in the UK, over the age of 18 and currently diagnosed with Epilepsy. It is completely anonymous and should only take 10/15 mins! If the link doesn't work let me know 😀 Thanks in advance!


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Hallo, NifaS. It is nothing to do with me, but I was an academic in my previous life and I am always nosey. Can I say that I found your survey difficult for two reasons? First, because my seizures are almost all sleep seizures, and have been for the last several years, they are difficult to describe, and you didn't include a "get out clause" in your questions for people like me who can't describe our feelings easily, if at all, for afterwards. Some of us need "don't know" answers. The other problem for me was that with one or two of your questions towards the end, the answers were muddied by the fact that at the time you were (rightly) limiting our answers to, I was actually unwell with another illness, which affected my responses to you questions. Just ignore me for being a so-and-so! Good luck with your dissertation and your degree!


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