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I have so many different and complex medical problems, as one of my specialists calls me "you are a one off!"

My entire life BAD HEALTH! I am ALWAYS on the verge of normality, rare medical conditions abound in my thing called a body. They would honestly fill a medical dictionary, easily. 62 years of life absolutely nothing to report about. I embarrass people talking about my dictionary of bad health. My epilepsy 'specialist' listens to MY experience about one of my conditions JME, [Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, since 14 and over 400 seizures], I advise her what I should use for my epilepsy! Schwannamatosis I'm the only one in Ireland with it, in my many visits to a hospital, a medical student hears that I am the one with it, and 'grills' me, but I do not think that will be any help to anyone? Meningitis when I was quarantined for six months when 10 years old. I had a back operation over 20 years ago, I will be "in a wheel chair within five years!" I was raped by a female when I was 24, who gave me a "dose" [genital herpes] so no trouble in passing on my woes to another generation! I could go on but as many regulars on HealthUnlocked, are already aware of more of them, I have two a4 pages of them, should I write them down for "suggested tags"? [stroke, oesteoarthritis, shingles, pancreatitis, claustrophobia, prolapsed discs, etc, etc, ......]. Healthunlocked gives me some relief in passing my many experiences over many years, to give some relief to many people in a similar state of woe? Ironic thing is that I have nearly finished a book after 10 years on two Irish serial murderers who killed 16 people and sold their victims bodies for medical research [my epitaph?] Is that the sort of thing you want to know via this survey?

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