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I take 1500mg of Keppra a day can I take 500mg in the morning and 1000 at night As tired in the day ?

Just want to try improve tiredness

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It's always best to give your doctor a call and ask these questions as they are better informed. I take 15mg of Onfi a day. My doctor suggested that I take 5mg in the am and 10mg in the pm (heavier dose in the pm) to help with drowsiness during the day. Hope this helps, good luck.


Hi Honeybee98,

Kepra was the first medication I started using 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. As they got worse my medication was changed to Lamictin & Convulex, and the tiredness degreesed a lot. However, when I went abroad in 2000 Convulex was an unknown drug. I was put on different medications over quite a long period, as my fits started getting really bad. After serious treatments from various international neurologists, 2 who were called in the middle of the night as I was flown to a specialized hospital by Ambulance Helicopter when my heart stopped beating & emergency services were afraid they might not get me to a hospital in time.

Anycase, after sometime in a coma I came back to SA & several vitamins were added to my medication & the fits and seizures degreesed so much that most of the time I don't remember having had them unless marked on a calender of which the last was almost 2 months ago. I go for short walks during the day with my 2 bodyguards, or should I say doggy guards, and they don't allow anyone to help my in case I have a seizure - probably because the daddy of the 2 also suffers from epilepsy as well.

Basic point I'm trying to make is excercise, not too much, and having a serious talk with your neurologist. They can refer you to physiotherapists, who work with people suffering from epilepsy & tiredness. Try to keep a calender of fits & seizures, including tiredness & all of these at what time of the day if you are not doing so already.