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I need to get out more, find more people in similar positions!

Being a loner living by myself for years, have become an introvert, almost relying on my bad health issues for some sort of comfort, excuses that my health is much worse than I actually claim it is. My general health, dementia is quickening due to my state of mind, and extreme lack of sleep, a 'catch 22 situation' but talking about it relieves my mind does now mean that I will be able to release my mental pressure by now getting out and generally socialising? Thank you HealthUnlocked !

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Contact Epilepsy Action to find a support group These are very good for people to have a chat and socialise with others who have epilepsy. You will be able to talk about your worries and learn more about the condition Also gain new friends. Hope you will find this useful. Sue x


Thanks! I have just started asking around, unfortunately the city of Lisburn does not have an epilepsy chat group!!, but there is one in Ballynahinch, and another in Belfast so will try to attend one!



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