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Stefan Schroffner

Hi all, just got my prescribed monthly epilepsy medication and found the epilepsy s.a. card. I live in zimbabwe but am of Austrian decendance. I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 13 after having a bad seizure whilst i was on holiday in Austria. Luckily there are a number of excellent hospitals that deal with epilepsy. A scan was prescribed upon which a brain cyst was found. My seizures were monitored from then and because of the high frequency of seizures action had to be taken. I had a chraniotamy operation done in 2005 which proved unsuccessful as the seizures continued. I was put on medication when i was first diagnosed such as Pheanobarbitone and Carbomazepene. This medication made me very drowsy and did not seem to help out. I moved to a slow release drug(Tegratol retard) which seemed to help alot. seizures persisted, some of which leading to hospitalisation, so i had to see another specialist. My first specialist was an angolan Dr. He was the one who suggested the operation be done and being a specialist had it done. After continued seizures i then saw a very nice specialist that referred me to my current dr. My seizures are now being controlled through the use of Lamotragine and Leviterecitem combination. I only experience one seizure a night every 4 weeks regularly. This is excellent because before i had atleast 5 seizures a night about 4 days a week. I am very happy with my progress on this long walk ive had so far;). Sadly when i do have these seizures recently i have been hospitalised once more with a bad case of getting liquid in my lounges and vomiting blood. This has happened twice before. I am on the highest prescribed dosage of my medication, that being 1500mg Leviteracetim twice daily......am and 7pm along with 150mg twice daily aswell at same times. As seizures are still happening, i was advised to have a borehole operation done to remove the remainder of the cyst. The doctor assures me that this would help stop my seizures altogether as it is the pressure being applied to my brain that causes the attacks...... Thats my story...lol........ I have just found this website recently and would like to hear the opinion of other epileptic people and the specialists involved. Thanks guys.

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Go for the operation, it might sound very drastic, but to get rid of pressure on the brain is obviously the main cause of your epilepsy. I have had NF2 since 14, also when I had my first seizure, there is probably some type of neuroma up in my brain, somewhere, but since I have had seizures for 45 years, an operation would not help me now? My seizures have lessened in the last couple of years, lamictal 200 and epilim 700, old age, body eventually got used to my condition, partly, I know I will never be clear of epilepsy? There was no technology like now back in the 70's so go for it! I had a neuroma on my spine it was never removed altogether, my back can have it's 'moments' sometimes, because there is still a bit left! My sister had a cyst on her brain, she went through her 'nutty period', completely different personality, luckily she did not have any seizures, but a brain operation brought her back to be my sister who I know and love! all the best!

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