Survey shows more awareness of epilepsy is needed in the workplace .. 24 May, 2016

Survey shows more awareness of epilepsy is needed in the workplace .. 24 May, 2016

A new survey on adults (18 years +) in Great Britain has suggested that over a quarter of people (26%) would be concerned about working with a co-worker with epilepsy.

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  • And why would they be concerned about working with a person with epilepsy? Let me tell you why! Because they know nothing about epilepsy - and being the "polite" people that the British claim to be, I believe that they would rather keep to themselves than take a risk and help other people. They would rather give them a bit of money so they can help themselves than take the time and risk of helping them and seeing the outcome of their help. Of course, the British are going to be more polite and helpful to those in wheelchairs and visible illnesses - it is visible and acceptable. With epilepsy - they think you are lying - and you have to prove it! Then once you prove it by having a seizure - they get scared and realise they have made a mistake! They are embarrassed by their mistake, so they think of the quickest way to solve it. That is by getting rid of you and forget their embarrassing moments. They have had a bump in the road, and want to straighten it out, so they get rid of you the quickest they can. Something unexpected and unreliable has happened and they can't accept that! This is where people with epilepsy need more help and more rights.

  • I don't let them know I am epileptic if I can help it as it will stop them employing me in the first place then they try to get rid of you despite being against the law People are too afraid of what they don't understand No wonder it is so difficult to get a job when epilepsy is so misunderstood

  • Hi I have epilepsy, and have returned back to work, after being assessed by an oh and a report from the neurologist, but will admit that in the work place, people are not sure how to react, lack of first aid training, or think they will have to do lots of our work. I have not hid my epilespy, only in the 80's 90's

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