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Electricity' - A film about a vibrant young woman with epilepsy;

Epilepsy Action produce a magazine, Epilepsy Today. Our members receive this magazine four times a year. This is one of the many articles written by the editor, Peter Fox.

Peter recently went to see a pre-screening of a new movie 'Electricity' - The film is about a lady called Lily, who is a vibrant young woman with epilepsy.


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Thank you for all details! May I request a link be sent to my email address for sharing through my Community on Facebook, both personally and on my Page! Email address is: lesmal@vodamail.co.za

I would love to share for others!




Hi Lesmal

I’m not sure what link you are asking for. If it’s a link to the film, we don’t have one. But people can use the link on our webpage to see where the film is being shown


Diane Wallace

Advice and Information Team


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