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Mysoline name change

Mysoline is a brand name of primidone. In the UK, Mysoline is no longer available on prescription. The company SERB have been making the Mysoline tablets and are continuing to make them. The tablets are now called primidone.

The UK distribution licence is now with the company, Auden McKenzie. If the tablets have on them primidone - Auden McKenzie, the formulation is identical to the discontinued Mysoline. The boxes now have on them Auden Mckenzie – primidone. View the new packaging.

There is no stock shortage. If your pharmacy says they are having problems getting hold of your primidone – Auden McKenzie, they can order stock from Alliance Healthcare, Phoenix Healthcare and AAH.

If you would like to discuss this further with Epilepsy Actions helpline team, please call us on freephone 0808 800 5050

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Thank you for this vital information. I currently run a Page on Facebook and would like to share this information if you are agreeable. Please advise whether authority to do so is granted. Perhaps a link could be issued for me to share, which would direct others directly to your site. I look forward to your response.


Hi lesmal

You are more than welcome to link people from your Facebook page to or website. You don’t need a special link.

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