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Been searching for site like this in ages

Wow hi guys I am new to this site, I have been looking for a site like this on endo for a few years and I accidently stumbled across it today.

I was diagnosed with endo about 7 years ago but I was always being told that I had IBS or was constantly constipated. But I also suffer with Pcos.

It is great to have finally found a site where you can talk about this subject and not feel silly.


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Completely agree with you.Just got diagnosed and it's a relief to finally know that I'm not going mad.Over 3 years I have lost 9 stones in weight but during that time the Endo has really gotten much worse.Doctor kept saying "Oh it's your body adjusting" but you kind of know when somethings wrong with your own body.

In the end I changed my GP and was sent for tests which lead to finally having some answers..

Endo in the UK is something that needs to be spoken about and regoconised more..Seems to be a little bit taboo.


I hope everything goes well for you! Please read my story 'my life living with chronic pain' Im trying to get as many women as i know to read and pass it on the there friends so they understand, and i hope it helps them if they have any pains too, i know how alot of women are to embarrased to do anything, and it would make so happy if i could help even one person! God bless you! xxxx


Hi have you tried Endometriosis UK Website?? Theres lots of info packs, local support groups and they have a telephone service too if you need some information. Hope this helps :)


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