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Why do consultants always make you feel like you are lying or don,t know your body?

Just back from consultant I know the endo is back for third time,have funny shaped tummy,lots of pain wores than before in back,legs etc.Pain is easing,just had third injection yet because I back mention back pain have to go for an mri to check it isn,t bone or muscle damage.Why do they make you feel that you don,t know your own body?

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I have a feeling they just don't get it I know my consultant is increasingly busy and while the care o get when they get down to doing something is great I had a very similar experience last weeks my doc knows I have the endo back my symptoms have got worse since the laperoscopy I had in march to the point that I am unable to function. I came away from the appointment last week feeling like a fraud I truley belive its that they are so busy in some cases they just lose the bedside manner and forget how very very debilitating this dosease is. I have sought advise at the patient advise and liason service and they are being very helpful on the whole. Also an MRI may show if the endo is back its more reliable than most diagnostics outside of surgery x

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because they cant feel our pain and they aint the ones going through it they think its all in our heads : (

i feel like my gp don't do a thing for the endo i got stage 4

they give me useless pain killers and tell me to take mini pill


Just know it is back and feel like I have to prove it all the usual pain plus a big hard lump in my tummy ,when i had the attack it was all swelled and now its gone done a lump,i think its adhesions its agony to tough.


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