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Help needed about endometriosis.

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Someone please message me if your around xx

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Hope you're OK x

I'm in so much pain heat blanket and pain relief isn't working and I've got a pins and needles type pain in the opposite side to where the pain is xxxxx

Hello I’m really sorry you are going through this. Have you tried a bath? Sometimes that helps me with bath salts.. also a hot water bottle? So hard 😢

I can't thankyou enough for replying I've googled everything. I've tried everything tonight even some lavender to try and calm me babe. I appreciate the advice so much I just wish something would take this away I just want to cry in a ball. The doctors are ringing me in they say 2 hours which will be more like 4. I don't think I can do this much longer.

Thankyou Katie xx

P.s sorry for the rant xx

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I’m so sorry. Sounds like hell for you. How are you now?

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Still in so much pain angel xx

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Oh gosh. Did the doctor ring?

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Yes angel, all put down to sciatica in my hip angel. Endometriosis was completely ignored again xx

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Ok. Any pain relief offered?

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Amatiptaline angel. I don't really understand whats going on xxxx

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Ok. Fingers crossed it starts to kick in. Take care. We are all thinking of you.

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Thankyou angel xx

Amitryptyline works for nerve pain. It would help sciatica, it might help endometriosis, only if it is causing you nerve pain though. I have had it in the past, it can make you a bit drowsy and best taken in the evening. I guess you won’t be bothered about that right now if you are in a lot of pain.

GP don’t seem to know a lot about endo and probably will go for the more obvious diagnosis ie sciatica, but don’t hesitate to go back to them if it doesn’t work.

Don’t know what you are on at the moment, I take Tramadol for really bad pain.

This is awful! So sad they just blame it on something else. I’ve had the same experience recently!!

What have they said to you babe? May I ask xxxx

They just seem to fob it off with other things like UTI/Kidney infection but the pain has been going on for so many weeks! Also have you looked into sciatic endometriosis xx

I will look into it now angel xxx

Have you tried Ponstan? It is an anti prostaglandin and is good at relieving gynaecological pain but it is on prescription. I used it decades ago. Also helpful is Phenylalanine which is over the counter. I used to get it from the Endometriosis Society at a reduced cost. It takes the edge off severe pain but it will not relieve it completely. It is also an anti depressant.

Don't eat red meat as it contains prostaglandins which is a source of pain in endometriosis.

As regards sciatica caused by endometriosis, I had it for a long time. You can get specific exercises from a physio which will relieve it and help prevent it. Lie on your back on the bad with both legs straight. Lift one leg up until your knee almost touches your chin and repeat then times. Do the same with the other leg. Also you can roll your hips from side to side. A physio can explain better. Do the exercises before you go to bed or if the pain wakes you in the night.

Diclofenac used to work for my pains. See if your doctor will prescribe stronger pain relief for you. I had them in suppository form as my pains were so bad, I would vomit. Have you had any treatment?

I will check with my doctor angel and sadly just 1 failed surgery xxxx

Don’t let them fob you off. They treated me for IBS for 8 months, having no clue what my pains were, the cyst ended up growing to 12cm in that time, popping my ovary from my tube. Was agony! I used to get lots of pain in my left buttocks and down my left leg, but my cyst was on my right side. Xx

Hope you got some relief and that you are feeling a bit better now.🤗🤗🤗

Still in alot of pain but thankyou for your care xxx

Wish I could help you and al if us more. Things will get better for us all when women are treated equally instead of something you wipe off your shoe. 🤗

I don't understand why we are expected to go through so much and that's just expected of us. Its mind bogling for me xx

I hope you’re ok x

In so much discomfort my angel thankyou for caring xx

Hi, I hope you've ok. I've recently started getting sciatic pain and pins and needles down my right leg. It's cyclical so it's got to be Endo which is what I've told my GP. I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago with my whole right leg with pins an be needles, it was weird and I wasn't sleeping in a way for circulation to be cut off.

Definitely don't let your GP ignore you. Sciatic pain may be caused by something else but Endo can't be ruled out.

I have CBD bath salts watch help a bit and I've recently bought a tens which I love! Worth looking into x

Can I message you please? Xxx

Of course. I've sent you a message xx


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