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Neck pain and endo


Over the last year I have been experiencing pain in my lower neck area, just above the collar bone on the left hand side now but it has been bilateral. My GP suggested that it is heartburn and still I have the pain in fact it is getting worse after a year of omeprazole and gaviscon. I’ve been convinced for some time now that my endo has spread to my diaphragm and potentially liver as breathing has been incredibly painful and the ache has been pretty constant, sadly now I wonder if it’s made it’s way up to my neck, potentially thyroid gland? I can’t find any research and wondering if anyone else has the travelling endo? My flares seem to attack a new organ for a few months and then move on, and return later but no two months are the same... it’s odd... how does does monthly pain present itself? Have you got any weird throbbing/stabby pains in your neck?

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Yes I did! I thought I was the only one. Mine started whenever I took some medication. My doctors told me it was referred pain. Then I had still no been diagnosed so I was still Dr hunting. If you are having issues breathing please consult your Dr immediately. Have an xray done. I had pleural effusion ( the endometriosis had bled so much that it was seeping into my right lung. I couldn't breathe properly and had so much pain in the chest region design my menses. Please properly investigate and be sure it's nothing. Xoxo

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