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Advice please


Hi I don't know if I have endometriosis I'm 14 and I started my period when I was 11.

I first noticed symptoms when I was 13 and once every few months I'd get horrible periods on the first day I was throwing up and I was literally in so much pain I could barely walk and I remember one time I couldn't stand without throwing up and I ended up having to miss quite a few days of school because of it.

It stopped happening for almost a year but now it's starting to happen again. The past two periods I've had to miss school for the first day. It's not as bad as it used to be but I feel like it's going to get worse again because last year when i had symptoms it got worse over time. Also this time the symptoms are a bit different I still get the pain i don't throw up as much but I do get extremely nauseous and almost faint. I'm anemic as well if that makes a difference and I have been since I was quite young.

So I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do or if it even is endometriosis. I went to the doctor's once before for my period but that was because I missed a month and my mum was getting kind of worried but she doesn't take me there because of the pain and vomiting because she thinks it's normal because she got it when she was younger.

Any advice would be helpful and sorry if that was too much information this is my first time posting here.

Thank you!

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I would say go and see your GP sweetie. You can’t go on living like this. I take 2 lots of medication for the first 3 days of my periods because the pain and the blood is just something else. Sounds like you need some help and support.

My sister used to be sick with her periods as a teen but she was ok back then but now she has suspected endometriosis and this is 10 years later.

It’s not fair on you to go through that every month. It can affect your mental health and well-being. It gets you really down and you feel so rubbish about being a girl etc...

Please go and see your GP. You are so young, it’s not fair.

Write down every symptom you have. Even if you feel it’s not relevant. Headaches, migraines, tired a lot of the time? Think about how regular your periods are and how often you pass stool and also think about if there’s any pain before/during/after passing stool.

I hope you feel better soon darling.

I agree with the other ladies reply. You can't carry on like this. As a grown woman it is very hard to deal with the symptoms so it must be dreadful for you being so young. Get yourself to the doctors and explain everything.

I hope they can help you and get you sorted very soon.

Hey hun welcome sorry to hear that your going through this but I definitely agree with the others go see your GP hopefully they ll take u seriously and refer u to see a

gynecologist Where they can do more investigation.

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