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Lap done only mild endo found. Doc thinks I need to go see a gastro specialist?

It’s 2 weeks post my lap and I am pretty much fully mobile. Gyno found mild endo and a cessile polyp. However I am still getting the pains I had before but I’m not sure if it’s recovery of the surgery or my previous symptoms? I’ve got pain in my lower pelvis and small stabbing pains in my vagina and bum. Has anyone gone on to see a gastro specialist and they have found they were diagnosed with something different to endo?

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During your lap was the endo cut away by excision or burned away by abalation? If only burned away it’s the same as chopping a weed right down but not actually tackling the root so the endo will be free to grow again. Also the stage of the endo (1-2 for mild for example) has no correlation to the pain experienced. Often those with mild cases experience the most pain. I don’t know what that is but I hope it’s a little comforting to know you’re not going loopy and genuinely it can be hugely difficult to cope with the disease at any stage.

I’m stage 4 and have had 4 laps now and have never been referred to gastro specialists so can’t really offer much help there but I have found the endo diet to really help my symptoms so that may be worth a try? Xx

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I had mild endo found on bladder/bowel and POD. They said the same to me! However it’s been almost 18 months since my opp and I’m in excruciating pain almost daily, fatigue is terrible and Iv been put on small dose of morphine to try and function. My advice to you (some times I need to take my own advice) is to not think your going crazy , sometimes on good days we think maybe I am going ott, maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it out. Perhaps write down in a diary or mark on your calendar on your mobile the days your really struggling, what symptoms your having that day and your pain scale 1-hardly noticeable 10- kill me now!!



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