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Fibromyalgia : can anyone relate?


Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good Fibromyalgia forums or places for help/advice please?

Unfortunately I have fibromyalgia now as well as severe endo (had vague fibro symptoms for years but GP now thinks this is what has been causing recent daily pain). Most days I'm waking up with the pain between my shoulders, arm pain, stiffness, joint pains.

I think the fibromyalgia really ramped up after a few years of ongoing stress and surgeries, ivf, and last year an awful bereavement.

I take cocodamol on and off, or if not taking it then switch to paracetamol / ibuprofen. Just started on diclofenac as normal painkillers aren't helping. I'm taking painkillers pretty much every day now.

I'm working full time but struggling. I just want to pack it in but can't afford for me to do this right now.

I'm in the middle of what seems to be a bad flare just now. I'm trying not to be off sick again for a while as I'm already under absence review have had four meetings about it already.

Has anyone found a way to manage fibromyalgia as well as the endo?

Thank you so much X X X X

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