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Endo leg - what does it feel like?

Hi all,

Just a query really to see what type of pain people feel in their legs that is associated with endo?

I’ve started getting pain (comes and goes. Or constant) in my legs and thighs that’s quite frankly really hard describe! I just wanted to see what everyone else felt to see whether this is endo related or something else.

Thanks in advance for any answers 😊

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*not constant


I've recently been diagnosed and funnily enough have been complaining all week about my hips and legs. The trouble is I have hip difficulties from birth so I can't tell if it's that or something new. I've been suffering really bad pain and heavy bleeding all week though.


Constant aching, sometimes tightening and twisting and throbbing all in my thighs x


I know what you mean! It’s so difficult to kind of pin to one type of pain. I’d say it is like a contracting-growing-dead-leg-type pain and can be from hip to toe!


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