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Are ultrasounds conclusive enough? -Really worried :(


I am 23 years old - been healthy and active my whole like. In July of this year I started noticing a little twinge in my right pelvis. Over the last few months, the pelvic pain became more severe (feel it on both sides) and is now like a throbbing pain in my hips and lower back. I've also become constipated and my descending colon (by my hips) feels swollen and tender to the touch, and when I do have a bowel movement it feels incomplete. I also noticed slightly enlarged lymph nodes all over my pelvis and lower abdomen.

In the last month and a half I have had 3 transvaginal ultrasounds, and 3 abdominal/pelvic ultrasounds. The first ultrasound found a 1.6cm complex cyst, however, this resolved in 2 weeks and all of my ultrasounds have been pristine since. The only thing that worries me is that my ovaries are pretty big (11ml, and 16ml), although I've been reassured this is normal for my age. I have also had an LDH, HCG and CA125 blood test (came back at 14). My doctors are convinced this must be a gastrointestinal issue as all of my ultrasounds are perfect, however, my pelvic pain just keeps getting worse. Endo has been ruled out as my pain is not cyclical and my ovaries were probed for mobility. I have already been treated for suspected PID, UTI, and been to a pelvic physio. The physio determined my pain was not coming from the inside (I don't have pain with sex or internal examination), it is only externally that I feel this bizarre pain - like my pelvis and pubic bones are bruised. My question is, should I trust all of these ultrasounds and explore GI issues, or should I push for something more? This has completely taken over my life. I just started nursing school and am completely unable to focus - constantly worrying about the worst case scenario. Any insight would be very much appreciated :)

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My CA 125 is slightest elevated and my scans have shown no masses, I have all the symptoms you have too.

Please don’t panic. And don’t google you will make things worse.

Keep pushing with your drs, this could be so many different things honestly x

I will message you


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