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Symptoms of Endo.....need help!


I was recently diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx due to an infection that has been treated, just waiting on removal of the tube now. However i am suffering with other problems, i have for a long time on and off suspected that i have endo (yet to be diagnosed) i came off the pill 6 months ago and the symptoms got worse, when i went to see my gynae about my hydrosalpinx i told him what i also suspected, he did an internal examination and had a feel around and said where i was describing the pain when he pressed was my bowel and he told me i have ibs of which i don't believe.

I looked up the symptoms of ibs and i personally don't believe those symptoms fit me. My pain feels as though its in my vagina very very low down in my pelvic region, its an on/off constant heavy feeling dull ache. I don't have any stomach cramps or shooting pains in my stomach or side, never constipated, very rarely have the runs etc.

Please can people share there endo symptoms with me. Thanks in advance!xxx

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Good morning! I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 19, im now 24 and awaiting my 3rd laparoscopy! Some of the symptoms I had was heavy heavy periods (to the point sometimes it would come through a pad so i'd wear a tampon and a pad), the pain during periods use to travel down my legs (i now have the mierra coil so its not been as bad), my stomach was bloated, pain during intercourse. Unfortunately I still get my pains were I go to the floor where it feels I have a stabbed with something in my areas! However depending on your age its very taboo, I had severe pains on-going for a while but I was told I was too young, but at 19 they done surgery and diagnosed with stage 3..

You know your own body! I hope this helps :)

I suffer from ridiculously heavy and painful periods aswell to the point where i have to take time off work! I just feel that i arent being listened to. I understand that my gynaes main concern is my hydro, but i know that, that is not the route cause of all my pain xxx

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