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Hysterectomy & BSO

I saw the Consultant yesterday and I'm going to have my hysterectomy and BSO later this year. My MRI showed that my endo is back (again!) and it's on the surface of my bowel and bladder but not inside.

Going to have my op at a BSGE centre with a colorectal surgeon also.

I also appear to have adenomyosis.

I'm hoping that the op will make me feel a lot better and improve my quality of life. Endo seems to be stealing my life from me and I want it back! :) xxx

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I had this op 9 weeks ago - a few wobbles since but I'm pain free and don't need any of my painkillers or laxatives any more. Please ask if you have any specific questions.

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Thank you! That means a lot, may be taking you up on the offer of answering questions in the coming months! It's so good to be able to chat to other ladies who understand xxx


Best of luck. Sounds like youre. in the right place for the op as endo needs excision at same time.

I found hysterectomy associations website very helpful when I had mine.

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