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Endo and new scare

Hi all

So I now have a date for a full hysterectomy which is 1 week today. I am hugely relieved that it's nearly here but struggling mentally with the consequences of what that will mean for the next chapter in my life. Also just to make things a little more strained I felt a lump in my breast a couple of months ago and asked my husband if he could feel it and he said he couldn't. Also his reaction was a bit like he couldn't deal with any more bad things after the Endo stuff we are going through. So I kept quiet when I found it again and went to the docs to check. She confirmed it's a lump and I have an immediate referral tomorrow. I am trying really, really hard to not think about it and my husband does know now although very disappointed I didn't tell him straight away. I have hardly told a soul as I'm still in a bit of denial as I keep thinking it can't be anything serious as I'm about to have a hysterectomy which is serious enough considering I don't have children. I can't stop thinking about the decapeptyl though and the warning that came with it. Am I being ridiculous? I know there are people on here going through much worse and I hate self pity but I am seriously tired of being positive and am felling terrified.

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I'm so sorry to hear you have so much going on. I haven't been in your situation, but feeling terrified seems to me like a very normal reaction. I would encourage you to lean on your husband, I'm sure his reaction was because he was worried, not that he didn't want to hear it.

My sister found a lump which turned out to just be a harmless cyst, so it's not always bad news and I very, very much hope the same is true for you x


Thank you xx


I should have put a message on here after my appointment that the lump scare was all clear so one less thing to worry about. Thanks for the support. x


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