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Bowel Problems

I had excision surgery back in January with a specialist, I've been in a lot of pain but my doctors finally helped with the adenomyosis pain, she suspected some of it was down to the bowel though, since my adenomyosis pain has got better and I'm still getting pain that feels like my bowel is being twisted then I had end up constantly needing to pass urine and diarrhoea. Has anyone else had similar problems? Would love just a few days pain free since surgery xx

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Hi Kirstie,

Could I ask if you had diarrhoea before the surgery? And if any endo was removed from the bowel ?Reason for my question, I have stage 4 with a significant nodule pressing into my bowel, confirmed by MRI and colonoscopy in 2012 but decided against surgery due to risk of bowel damage and temporary colostomy. I'm now finding I am getting severe abdominal pain and then diarrhoea which is just like I used to get prior to surgery in 2006 where it was also removed from pouch of Douglas . I've been umming and aahing over wether to should reconsider the surgery but if the pain and diarrhoea might not completely go then I'm not sure I see the point putting myself through more surgery.

I do hope your feeling better and symptoms have improved.

Only another sufferer truly understands our pain!


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