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Can symptoms change?

Hello all,

I have been suffering with diagnosed endo for a few years. 5 years ago I had a coil fitted and tissue burnt away. Thinks have been good with some pain but manageable but things have changed recently.

I am worried it might be something other than endo? It started with a change in bowel movements, started taking laxatives and suppositories 2 weeks ago now can go but still strain and it is very soft ( sorry!) over last 5 days the stomach and hip pain and become worse, it seems to have moved from my back to stomach.

My coil is due to be changed this month and I am seeing my gynae next week. I am just worried

Can the the symptoms get worse and might it be because I need the coil changing?

Thank you look forward to your replies


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Endo is a progressive disease and so unfortunately will usually progress, even with proper treatment. Burning away will only ever give temporary relief at best as it just treats the surface. The introduction of bowel issues along with hip/leg pain will often be an indicator. You now need referral to a BSGE accredited endo centre:



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